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About Emerald Physio & Wellness Clinic

Here at Emerald Physio & Wellness Clinic, we are passionately focused on helping you achieve your wellness objectives, leading to greater happiness and vitality in your life. We have a convenient location in North York, Don Mills. Our team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Physicians and registered Massage Therapists work together to provide you with extensive care and cutting edge treatment solutions. Our skills and expertise span the entire spectrum of health and well-being. Our objective and goal is to bring you better health and knowledge and to help bring wellness care into every corner of your life. We know that you are a special and unique individual with particular needs and desires, and our clinic is dedicated to helping you find the path forward to a brighter future of wellness.

We Accept

Not sure if your insurance qualify for physiotherapy? Suffering from work place or car accident injuries? Call us, we are here to help.

  • Work Insurance

  • Interim Federal Health Program for Refugees (IFHP)

  • Car Accident Coverage (MVA)

  • ODSP & Welfare Coverage

  • College & University Benefits

  • Private Insurance Coverage

  • WSIB

  • Slip and Fall

For your convenience we can bill your insurence company directly – giving you the comfort you deserve.

Our Services

You’re not alone in your fight for better health! We are here for all of your therapy needs. Our specialists will search for and locate the root cause of your pain and provide a comprehensive plan to bring you relief.

A woman getting physiotherapy.


From common back pain to sprains, to more serious things like arthritis, surgery-adjacent rehabilitatio, and breaks, physiotherapy can help maintain the flexibility, strength, and overall health of your body.

image of a chiropractic.


A body takes a lot of wear and tear in one’s life. Your nervous system, spine, joints, muscles and physical being can take a lot of erosion. Chiropractors are experts in tuning up your body.

a woman getting massage therapy.

Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapists are trained in the arts of manipulating body tissue, whether it be the finger, thumb, knees, arms, or other areas.

Image shows naturopathy.


Brought to the west from Germany in the 1800s, naturopathy contains very old and established procedures. At the root of naturopathic medicine is to go past the symptoms of an ailment and detect and treat the fundamental causes.

image shows a symbol of osteopathy.


Osteopathy begins with the understanding that the mind and body are integrated and affect one another, and that it is possible for the body to heal itself. Muscle energy methods are at the heart of osteopathy.

Acupuncture with its benefits.


Acupuncture is an old and anachronistic means of pain relief and recharging the body. The method of acupuncture involves using minute needles, usually stainless steel, to penetrate the skin after it has been sterilized.

Shockwave therapy shown in the below image.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is used to improve the outcomes of rehabilitation in slow-healing tissues. It has been shown to very effective in treatment when done by the proper professionals in the right settings.

Vestibular rehabilitation.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness is a common and problematic issue which afflicts many people. It can result in unsteady walking, feelings of spinning and floating, whirling (vertigo) and nausea.

TMJ practice


The temporomandibular joint, which rests in your head, linking the skull and jawbone, can develop issues causing pain in the jaw and jaw muscles. To diagnose an issue with your TMJ can be a difficult task.

What Our Patients Say…

“From pain management to wellness and healing, Emerald Physio is the perfect spot to feel your perfect best. Impeccable and flawless service by both the staff and professional service providers. Truly delighted with customer relation; management and staff are patient, understanding, friendly and professional. Above all, the clinic provides an all-in-one services from physio, Chrio, massage and takes care of variety of wellness needs. 5 stars is well deserved across the board. I would recommend without hesitation.”

Behzad Mohammadi

“Stephen is an exceptional RMT! I’m trully happy and grateful whenever I get to meet colleagues Massage Therapists who care about excellence in all they do within the profession, and Stephen is one of them. Besides the “hands on” which was amazing, Stephen inspired me and motivated me with his demeanor, words, spoken like a coach, his posture and fitness which reflect amazing self care and wellness, and more than anything his genuine self. Stephen is one of the best and I can’t wait for my following appointment in March!
The clinic is also very nice, professional and clean, yet calm and peaceful. The entire experience from the greeting by awesome Julia over the phone and at my arrival, to meeting Mo, the owner, in person was a an invitation to come back. I recommend this clinic without hesitation! I’m so happy they are my neighbors!”

Iovanca Stratan

“First of all, thanks for warm welcome. Second the place was fabulous and the most important thing I would like to let you know is about Lilly. She has been fabulous. Her way of treating guests was excellent. Above that her knowledge and understanding about the pain and points of pain were something that is way beyond excellent. I would give 10/10 to her skills and knowledge which she has. And thanks for helping in reducing pains and provide excellent care.”

Shilp Akhani

The best physio clinic I’ve ever been to. Their staff are friendly and caring, you can feel the genuineness in the work. They actually care for your wellbeing and unlike most other clinics I’ve been to who only care about charging you/insurance company. All the treatments I received here were phenomenal, my favourite is always with Zara. Thank you for the great service!

Yasaman Alizadeh

Professional and friendly service. I started going to this clinic for chiropractic sessions where Dr. P has been great at helping treat my lower back pain. I was recommended to do follow up physio and they were very helpful and flexible with both the scheduling and the payments to come up with a plan that worked best for me.

Looking forward to visit for follow up treatments.

Jack Mitchell

Our Products

At Emerald Clinic we offer complete care for a variety of treatments.

We integrate therapy products with treatments that speed up your recovery.


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Orthopedic Shoes

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Compression Socks

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TENS Therapy

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Discount for seniors and patients without insurance benefits.