Natural, Holistic, Pure and Refined. Embrace the Best in Modern Naturopathics

Natural, Holistic, Pure and Refined. Embrace the Best in Modern Naturopathics.

Brought to the west from Germany in the 1800s, naturopathy contains very old and established procedures. At the root of naturopathic medicine is to go past the symptoms of an ailment and detect and treat the fundamental causes. Naturopathy, which strives to heal the entire being, including psyche and body, begins with an examination of your life, sources of stress, and related topics, including the possible prescription of lab tests. A treatment will then be created, which may include special diets, stress management techniques, physical exercise and related procedures such as massage and pressure to align and harmonize your body.

Naturopathy has a wide range of positive effects and can treat a variety of ailments. In particular, it can have a positive effect on fertility by optimize ovulation and egg quality, by cycle charting and by balancing out hormones. It also can help with stress management. Importantly, it can help when used in conjunction with IUI / IVF. In all cases, the education of the patient comes first and foremost.

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